Video and Audio Streaming
at the Highest Level

Upstream Cloud provides solutions and products for all applications related to streaming of audio and video content. From multi-channel ingest, to transcoding and transmuxing, to worldwide on-demand and live distribution, Upstream Cloud provides everything you need out of one hand.


Video on demand

Let your clients watch your videos and shows wherever and whenever they want. Our video on demand solution, a full-featured video hosting platform with library management function, ensures a worldwide availability of your content and together with our player we make sure your videos are compatible to all browsers, operating systems and devices.

Upload large video files in various formats to our cloud where they are ingested and automatically transcoded and transmuxed to fit any screen size. Gain insight on your clients interest and needs through our real-time statistics and analytics provide insight on your clients interest and needs.

Live streaming

Whether video or audio, just a one-off event or a show that runs 24 hours and 7 days a week, our live streaming solutions cover everything you need: on-the-fly transcoding and transmuxing in our cloud, routing and distribution to the target platforms of your choice or embedded on your own website are just the basics.

Put your stream on steroids and add live graphics, real-time statistics and prevent unwanted eyes from watching by adding authentication and encryption. Add additional protection through ip-whitelisting and geo-ip-blocking to make sure only people from a certain location can access your confidential content.

Routing and distribution

Deliver your live program to multiple platforms at the same time like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and every others. Minimize the requirements of your up-link bandwidth by routing your stream through our infrastructure. Distribute your live stream or video-on-demand content to your customers, clients and users through our content delivery network (CDN) which facilitates live statistics and analytics.

Transcoding and transmuxing

Support all your customers by transmuxing a stream to multiple container formats to support every existing end-user device on the market. Provide the best possible user experience by automatically transcoding your content to different bit rates to provide the best resolution for any given screen size with adaptive bitrate streaming for users with a low bandwidth connection such as a 3G.

Real-time statistics and analytics

Learn about trends and the behavior of your viewers with our statistics and metrics. View your key performance indicators (KPI) in real time for both live streams and video-on-demand content. Beautifully visualized real time charts of time series let you discover, analyze and interpret your data points in any time scale necessary.


Media Asset Manager

Schedule your live streams and upload on-demand videos in your main interface to the Upstream Cloud. Manage meta data, search and filter content and employ your own taxonomy by utilizing categories and tags to quickly find what you are looking for. View statistics and metrics, and generate embedding codes for your website. Everything is easily accessible through the unified client interface which provides a consistent experience across all your devices.


Overlay your live video stream with a wide selection of graphics. WebCG, our own graphics play-out solution, provides station-bugs, lower thirds, timers, scoreboards and start and ranking lists as well as customizable and build to order graphic overlays. Accessible through an intuitive web user interface you can control the play-out on premise and remotely. Our overlay graphics play-out system can be customized and integrated with any data sources such as sports competition administration software systems.

Radio streaming

Powered by our own flexible real-time transcoder, our radio streaming solution supports various common and modern formats, containers and protocols such as Iceast, Shoutcast and HLS. Broadcast your radio stream over our content deliver network (CDN) to reach your audience and to facilitate real-time statistics and metrics such as number of listeners, their retention and other figures that lets you discover what your customers like. Integrate advertisements from various sources and providers such as AdSwizz to support your business and monetize your channel.

Interactive videos

Lift your viewers experience to the next level by creating your own interactive video with our intuitive builder. Compose clickable text overlays to let your viewer interact with the player and call your viewers to action by opening external links. Choose from a wide selection of customizable transitions to match your cooperate design and support the messages you convey to your audience.

Application programming interface

All of our content is accessible through a public application programming interface (API). This allows you or any third-party to integrate your content, managed and hosted on our platform, into your website. The modern RESTful API provides ideal endpoints for small microsites as well as for big platforms.

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Why Upstream Cloud?


Our solutions and products are customizable and can be fully adapted to your requirements and applications. We are confident to find a sophisticated solution to your most exquisite challenge


We are constantly looking into the latest trends and observe in what directions the big players such as YouTube, Facebook and Netflix move to. In order to keep up with and facilitate the ever-changing landscape of the streaming technologies we recognize the importance of educating our employees and providing them a wide and open space to implement creative and sometimes unusual but powerful solutions.


Upstream Cloud has been in the audio and video streaming industry for over 10 years during which we have steadily learned and as a result continuously improved our services and products. We are happy to carry our backpack full with this invaluable knowledge to your next project.

Honest and modest

We are in control of the entire process and of every each part your data passes through. This enables us to take responsibility and make sure that everything runs smoothly. An incident, mistake or a service outage happens rarely, but if it does, we don’t hesitate to acknowledge and communicate in full transparency.

100% Swiss

Upstream Cloud is incorporated in Switzerland and all our employees are Swiss citizens. That not only means that our customers can relay on the Swiss legal certainty but also trust in the morality, ethos and values lived in Switzerland such as integrity, sincerity, diligence and precision.